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Our Best Bubble Mix

If you have ever been to our Qualicum Beach location, chances are you've seen our bucket of bubbles on the sidewalk, just to the right of the door as you are exiting. I put them out, rain or shine, in snow storms and wind storms and no matter the weather, periodically through the day people stop to use them. All sorts of people too, passers-by and customers, babies who have never seen a bubble before, teenagers on break from school, groups of children taking turns, adults rushing by in business suits, seniors stopping for a lark, bubbles are for everyone.

There are approximately 87,000 different bubble recipes you can find on Pinterest, a lot of them have additives- cornstarch, corn syrup, glycerine, some of them call for distilled water, but here is my personal never-fail bubble solution (spoiler alert, it is super easy)


1 cup of Dawn (this has to be the blue coloured liquid Dawn, that is the trick)

3 cups of water (just use water from your tap)

Put the water in a large vessel- I would recommend a bucket with a lid, so you can save any left overs. Add the soap to the water, and congratulate yourself on a job well done. You can make a much larger volume of this by using a 1:3 ratio- one part soap and 3 parts water.

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